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 dotker supporter in Irunia/Pamplona

We believe that      

Kernow/Cornwall should have its own generic top level domain (TLD) name on the Internet. The Cornish language and culture is distinct and unique in the world and has an unbroken history that spans millennia. A ‘.ker’ domain on the Internet would united the Cornish people, culture and language throughout the world and would contribute to and reflect the growing diversity on the Internet that is essential for inclusion in an ever changing electronic world.


Cornish people have a long history of emigration to different parts of the world and today there are strong and vibrant Cornish communities to be found in the USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa and South America to name a few. A ‘.ker’ internet domain name would ensure that these communities are able form a common bond on the Internet and prove that World Wide Web really is multi-national and a multilingual medium. It would also show that the Cornish language is a modern medium of communication on the Net.


This is not a pipe dream and can in fact succeed as Catalunya has shown by securing a TLD name on the Internet in 2005. Brittany, Galicia, Flanders Scotland and Wales are all pursuing their own campaign to secure a TLD and together we can do it too, so join our campaign!