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You can support the campaign to get a ‘.ker’ domain by writing to your Member of Parliament (MP) or Councillor. Simply follow the steps below and feel free to copy or edit the letter as set out in step 3.  


1) Log on to


2) Type in your post-code to bring up a list of your representatives - select your MP/Councillor.


3) Fill in your details and then copy and paste your letter (see below) into the relevant window. Don’t forget to write in the name of the MP/Councillor you are sending the letter to after ‘Dear’, if you are copying the letter below.


Dear _________________


‘.KER’ Internet Domain Name


I am writing to you to ask that you lend your support to the campaign to register ‘.ker’ as a generic top-level domain from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).


The registration of the dotker domain will help Cornwall assert its distinct culture and language on the internet. A similar campaign in Catalunya and Aland, successfully obtained the ‘.CAT’ domain and a parallel campaign is currently underway in Wales for ‘.CYM’, in Brittany for ‘.BZH’, in Scotland for ‘.SCO’, in Galicia for ‘.GAL’ and in Flanders for ‘.VAL’.


With the Internet developing today as the central medium of information exchange across the globe, I think it is therefore essential that we are given the means to emphasize our Cornishness on the web.


Cornwall has for hundreds of years maintained its distinct identity and I want this identity to be marketed around the world electronically. A .ker generic top level domain for Cornwall would achieve that end and help to promote Cornwall’s language and culture at an international level.  


I would like you to make a gesture of unanimous support for a ‘.ker’ domain, as an elected political representative in Cornwall, by signing the petition at the link below and sending a message to to say that you support the campaign.


Many thanks in advance for your support.


Yours sincerely


Create a link to from your website.



Sign the dotker petition here.